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The Agronomical Centre of Applied Research of the Hainaut Province

C.A.R.A.H. asbl
The Agronomical Centre of Applied Research of the Hainaut Province

Rue Paul Pastur, 11
B-7800 Ath
info@carah.be - http://www.carah.be

he provincial agricultural services in collaboration with the Agronomical Centre of Applied Research of the Hainaut Province have for many years been offering a large selection of services and skills to farmers, SMBs and SMIs and also inhabitants of Hainaut which range from training to management by analysis control.

The quality of the services offered is guaranteed by the professionalism of the staff, the update of the techniques used and a quality assurance policy based on the achievement of the necessary high-level qualifications and accreditations.

Main activities

Experimentation and Applied Research

Large cultures, horticulture, medicinal and aromatic plants, silviculture, animal productions, dietary technologies and pisciculture. A large number of them are regrouped within theExperimental and Educational Farm recognised by l'ORPAH. The former similarly sells various farm products to the public, it is provided with a lodge and welcomes students to familiarise them with agricultural and rural activities.


  • The Laboratory of chemistry works in collaboration with the REQUASUD network and the Ministry of Agriculture and Middle Classes with which it is authorised for numerous physico-chemical analyses of water, fertilisers, fodder, food,...
  • The Laboratory of bacteriology accredited by Beltest in September 1998 for the analyses and counter-analyses of dietary foodstuff samples.
  • The Laboratory of pedology establishes fertilisation advice based on the analysis of earth which enables the optimisation of culture production and respect of the environment.
  • The Laboratory of applied biology and biotechnology is specialised in the counting of beet and potato nematodes, the identification of viral diseases of potatoes, and the variable identification of poplars and potatoes.


maintenance of analytical management accounts in fulfillment of the requirements of the Agricultural Investment Fund, taxation and VAT…

Professional training

aimed at the world of agriculture (phytotechny, soldering, etc…). Other training courses are also organised within the European projects.


CARAH actively participates in development actions in several southern countries by the organisation of specific training and training courses.