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Walloon Horticultural Trials Centre - C.E.H.W.
Pilot Regional Reference and Experimental Centre in ornamental

Chemin des Serres, 14
Tel  : 068/28.11.60 
Fax :  068/28.39.99
E-Mail : cehw@cehw.be


Experiment, popularisation and aid to the development of businesses in the ornamental horticulture sector (floral and nursery cultivation)
Advice on the construction and management of greenhouses and their equipment.

All these missions are intended to the Walloon professional producers of ornemental sector.


The CEHW is a private non-profit association (asbl), comprised of professional producers. Its activity programme is established by technical committees (nursery sector and non woody plant sectors) representing the profession.
Financing is provided by the members, the Walloon Region Agriculture Minister, the European Community (within the Phasing out programme of Hainaut Objective 1 and Interreg III France-Wallonia-Flanders) and the Province of Hainaut.


The main activity themes are the following:

  • Fight against the diseases and the ravageurs in seedbeds (in collaboration with the CRA-W – Department Biological Control and Plant Genetic Resources)
  • Study of the reinforcement of natural defenses of plants
  • Comparisons : varieties – substrates – growth regulators
  • Practical experimentation and technology transfer in the ornamental field
  • Improvement of watering management
  • Development of Integrated Biological Protection (IBP) in collaboration with colleagues in the Hauts de France Horticultural Movement within the Hainaut – Nord-Pas de Calais – Picardy INTERREG III programme http://www.interreg-fwf.org

Services offered to the profession are:

  • Diffusion of information and results of the tests – see "Attempts and Informations"
  • Setting up and management of the 'Le Myrobolan de Lesdain' Nursery stock intended to supply nurserymen with variety and virus certified plant-breeding material.
  • Marketing assistance: creation of the Hainaut Plants cooperative
  • Diffusion of a warning system worked out by the Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt of Destelbergen and the CRA-W – Department of Biological Control and Plant Genetic Resources
  • Assistance in the use of new computer tools in businesses.
  • Update of Walloon production promotion website : walhorti.com
  • Assistance in the creation and expansion of businesses:
    • Training in the production of the installation file.
      Availability of a rented greenhouse of 3000 m² for candidate producers.

A descriptive CD ROM can be obtained on request from Jacques LAERMANS on
00 32 (0) 68 28 11 60

Scientific collaboration :

Walloon Agricultural Research Center

  • Department of Biological Control and Plant Genetic Resources
  • Department of Biotechnology

Centrum voor landbouwkundige Onderzoek van Merelbeke

  • Department of Bacteriology

University of Liege

  • Department of Life Sciences


Any waloon horticulturist can become a member. Information can be obtained from Françoise FAUX, Director, on 00 32 (0) 68 28 11 60 or cehw@cehw.be
Companies wishing to be presented on the site should contact Jacques LAERMANS
on 00 32 (0) 68 28 11 60.


Benoit Choteau, Chairman- Tel/fax :  00 32 64 33 82 15 - benoitchoteau@skynet.be
Françoise Faux, Director - Tel : 00 32 68 28 11 60 - françoisefaux@cehw.be