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Fédération Wallonne Horticole

Chaussée de Namur, 47 - 5030   GEMBLOUX
Tél : 081/62 73 10 - Fax : 081/62 73 09
E-Mail : fwh@fwa.be

The FWH - Horticultural Fédération Wallonne was born, in 1997, with the progressive gathering of the various horticultural trade associations of Wallonia, as well the edible sector than the decorative sector. Organized since 2001 into interprofessional group, the FWH aims to coordinate the various organizations of the sector and contributing to the development of its companies.

Its activities for the benefit of the horticultural sector

  • Representation of the interests of the profession near by the various authorities, regional, federal, … . The FWH is present within several institutions and working groups (Joint Committee 145, Social and Guarantee Fund for the horticultural companies, CCPQ, CRA-W, CTH, …) where it defends the values and the interests of the Walloon horticulturists.
  • Supply of services, information and technical supports to the horticulturists in the administrative, social, tax, legal and technical fields, in collaboration with the reference centers (including the CEHW) and the FWA.
  • Publication of a two-month journal `La Revue de la FWH'.
  • Promotion of the trade of the horticultural companies of Wallonia, in collaboration with APAQ-W and APHW, in particular, with the help of the diary 'Au fil des saisons', quarterly calendar of the events of the horticultural and gardening world.

Its members

Hinged plateform of the horticulture in Wallonia, the FWH is the place of exchange and gathering opened to everyone. The FWH counts effective members and adherent members:
- Its effective members are the various horticultural professional bodies which exist in Wallonia as including as the reference centers for technical framing (of research and teaching institutions, cooperatives,  …).
-Its adherent members are horticulturists on a purely individual basis (non-member of a working group) or sympathizers interested by its activities.


As a horticulturist, you can thus become member of the FWH and profit from all its services :

  • Joining one of the professional bodies, please contact us for further information: your contribution with the FWH is being then included with wath you pay for the working group,
  • Joining rightly the FWH, as an adherent member, for an € EUR 50,00 annual contribution.  The contribution of the members sympathizers raises with € EUR 12,50 and permits you only to receive directly the professional journal « La Revue de la FWH ».