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'Le Myrobolan de Lesdain':
A nursery stock for woody plants unique in Wallonia

Chemin des Serres, 14
Tel: 00 32 (0)  Fax: 00 32 (0)
E-Mail: cehw@cehw.be
Phyto. Certification: 60 027/ List of genera, species and varieties available


Created in 1991, on the initiative of Walloon nurserymen and with the financial support of the Walloon Region, the « Le Myrobolan de Lesdain » woody cutting centre is found on the Walloon Horticultural Test Centre site (LINK to the page).
It comprise plots of mother plants and standard trees intended to provide members with plant breeding material (young plants, shield buds, grafts) of guaranteed variety identity and, for Roses, virus free.

Spring 2005, standard trees of 'RGF' varieties advised by The CRA-W (Department Biological Control and Plant Genetic Resources ) are established in nursery stock. The CEHW ensures maintenance and 'RGF' graft diffused by the CRA-W.

Since 2006, the 'Myrobolan Noir', is also available.

The Catalogue is available for the professionals (see « Producers» - Parc à bois – 7802 Ormeignies)


The virus free plants (Virus Free) are supplied by the Biotechnology Department of the Gembloux CRA and the Gorsem research station.
The maintenance of the plots, the multiplication of rootstocks and the distribution of material are provided by the CEHW.
Verification of variety is done by an expert committee; the virus status is checked annually in a laboratory.
Among the stocks are Cognassier A, Malus M9, M26, MM106, Prunus Brompton, St Julien A and the celebrated Myrobolan de Lesdain, the only location in the world where it exists in a healthy state.
The main fruit and ornamental varieties are available. Soon, the varieties recommended by the Biological Defence and Phytogenetic Resources Department of the Gembloux CRA will also be distributed by this park so that it will become the only woody cutting centre for certified material in Wallonia.


Procurement from the woody cutting centre presents several advantages for the nurseryman:

  • the mother plants are managed specially for the production of woody cuttings; the shoots are therefore vigorous and robust.
  • the nurseryman no longer needs to take his woody cuttings from trees destined for sale; he no longer "disfigures" them
  • virus free material gives better acceptance on grafting, rapid and homogenous growth, which allows the cultivation cycle to be shortened. 

The customer will also be satisfied for different reasons:

  • he has a guarantee of authentic variety
  • the batches supplied are homogeneous
  • acceptance is better and growth regular


Any Walloon nurseryman can become a member of the nursery stock for a single registration fee of 124 Euros.  After this an annual subscription to the C.E.H.W. is requested as contribution to the maintenance fees (LINK to the page).


Eric LARSY, Chairman - Tel / Fax: 00 32 (0) 69 34 53 83
Françoise FAUX, Director